Somatic Healing

Upcoming Seminars

Mindfulness, the Brain

and Stress Reduction

 With Sue Martin, MA, REAT



Women and Wellness Seminar Series

Meets monthly on Saturday morning 

Berkeley, California 


"Sue’s compassionate style, backed by her keen intellect and wisdom is unique. Her training skills are unparalleled.” Esta Soler, President, Futures Without Violence (formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund)


In these seminars you will learn:
  • How stress affects your nervous system and body
  • Easy, simple stress reduction/wellness practices that work
  • How to recognize and respond to the early signs of chronic stress
  • Ways to create a sense of ease and spaciousness in your life
  • The latest research on how mindfulness practices support resiliency and structual intergration in the brain

Format: Experiential, didactic and skill building.

Fees: $75 a month 

Where: North Berkeley, near North Berkeley BART Station


About Sue Martin:

Sue Martin, MA, REAT, author of Using the Body’s Wisdom to Heal Trauma, has over thirty years experience teaching in academic and professional settings, including as faculty member at John F. Kennedy University, the Sonoma State University and the Tamalpa Institute.  Sue's life-long work has been to further practices that enhance wellness while reducing and healing trauma and chronic stress. 

Sue, a graduate of Stanford University (1976), received her master’s degree in Psychology from University of California at Sonoma State (2001) and is trained in movement and somatic approaches to wellness (Continuum, Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Processing), attachment/relational rupture repair (AEDP), somatic based spirituality (Diamond Heart/Ridhwan) and the use of creativity in healing (Tamalpa Institute). She has taught throughout the United States.


“You are an amazing teacher. Please keep teaching.” Graduate Student, John F. Kennedy University


For more information and to register: or call 510 649-3056. Individual sessions are also available.

Somatic Healing * 1511 Virginia St. * Berkeley * CA 94703 * Phone: (510) 307-6481

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